What matters to me

  • Empathy

    I'm a social person and love to connect through dialogue and collaboration. My design process is centred on the user's perspective to imagine intuitive and exciting journeys.

  • Playfulness

    I love solutions that draw users in and invite them to explore, experiment and play. I thrive in building creative solutions that are interactive, fun, and lively.

  • Purpose

    I strive to draw meaning and purpose from the projects I take part in. I'm passionate about making a positive change through contributions in sustainability and social causes.

My Process

  • 1. Spark

    After our initial contact, we meet via video call or for a coffee to discuss your idea further. Here, we explore your vision, clarify your goals and specific requirements for the project.

  • 2. Design

    Inspired by our first conversations, we develop a concept that showcases your work in an exciting way. This includes a cohesive theme, user interface and layouts that enhance your content.

  • 3. Development

    I translate our concepts into a full-fledged web interface. I implement the features we planned for and ensure all the fundamentals are in place: responsive design, CMS integration, performance, SEO, etc.

  • 4. Launch

    Approaching launch, we review the site for small details and necessary adjustments. Once that's done, we publish your site and let your audience discover it and start engaging with it.

  • 5.Feedback

    After launch, we leave a window to test functionality and rectify any bugs. If you have additional feedback and revisions, we reserve time to take them in and finish aligning with your original vision.